JEE Systems GmbH



JEE is dedicated to building a Global Chinese Brand and providing customers with world-class digital workshop turnkey solutions and E-drive products as well. JEE specializes in R&D, manufacture and service for new energy vehicle E-drive system, powertrain assembly & test system, BIW welding system and general industry assembly & test system, etc in automotive, aerospace and power battery industries, etc. To meet and exceed customers\' expectations, JEE focuses on continuous improvement of technologies and services in the product life cycle. JEE致力于打造一个全球性的中国品牌,为客户提供世界一流的数字化车间交钥匙解决方案和电驱动产品。JEE专业从事汽车、航空航天、动力电池等行业新能源汽车电驱动系统、动力总成总装测试系统、白车身焊接系统、通用工业总装测试系统等的研发、制造和服务。为了满足并超越客户的期望,JEE专注于产品生命周期中技术和服务的持续改进。

公司地址Zentgrafenstraße 128,,Kassel